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ANNOUNCEMENT: Applications for Right Stuf Anime Clubs, Convention Sponsorships, and Screener Requests are now closed. This year’s convention calendar and budget are finalized. This also affects the Stuf For Clubs program, which is paused until further notice.

Thank you for being a part of the Right Stuf Anime family! We couldn't ask to be part of a better community. Your words of gratitude throughout the years have touched us greatly. They show us how much impact we've made on the lives of our fans. We want you to know it’s been a joy to work with you. The pun "anime-zing" is one we use a lot, and the countless clubs and cons that are a part of our programs have been the living embodiment of it.

Even though sponsorships are closed, you will still see us at conventions. Check out our store booths at Anime Central, Naka-Kon, and NebrasKon later this year.

Thank you for making this program, your cons, and your clubs anime-zing!

-The Right Stuf Team