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Returns Policy

All of the products that we sell are new and factory sealed unless otherwise noted on the item page. *When purchasing items listed as Imperfect or Clearance Items, all sales are final.

What is the Return Period?

  • 30 Days from when the order is shipped
  • *Got Anime Members get 60 Days from when the order is shipped!

NOTE: Any refunds that result in the original order falling below the free shipping threshold will result in your refund being reduced by the shipping amount.

What do I need to set up a return?

You will need a Return Authorization Number prior to your return.

Please fill out the form below to request a case to obtain your Return Authorization Number. Our Customer Care will provide you with all the details necessary to complete your return.

NOTE: Products returned without a Return Authorization Number or past the 30 days (60 days for GA members) may be refused and returned to the customer. Should we decide to process the return, you will be charged a restocking fee of 15% and any damaged product will be deducted from your refund. Products refused or undeliverable are subject to the restocking fee and return shipping being deducted from the refund.

I have Route Insurance on my order, what do I do now?

For lost and/or damaged item(s), please contact our partners at Route for further assistance: https://www.rightstufanime.com/route

Can I return something that's damaged or defective?

If you do not have Route Insurance on your order, you will need to fill out the form below to request a case. Remember, our returns period for customers is 30 days from when the order shipped and Got Anime Members have 60 days from when the order shipped. Have your pictures ready, as our Customer Care will ask for them once they start working on your case.

Can I return my opened item?

Unfortunately we will not be able to accept returns for opened items as they would be considered used.

NOTE: All sales for imperfect items and clearance items are final.

Do you provide a return shipping label?

Return shipping is the shopper’s responsibility. However, for replacements and exchanges, we will ship the new item(s) to you free of charge.

Why hasn't my tracking updated? Is my package lost?

You will have to contact the shipping carrier first for more information as we cannot see further than the tracking number. If you have Route Insurance on your order, please contact them first as well. Claims can take up to 30 days for domestic shipments and 45 days for international shipments to be fully investigated by the shipping carrier. If you are still unable to locate your package after contacting the shipping carrier, please fill out the form below to request a case and our Customer Care will assist you.

Order issues for packages marked "delivered" yet not received and where there is no evidence of “porch piracy” must be made 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 15 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises.

If you contact us the same day that the package was marked as delivered, at our discretion we may ask you to wait 5 business days. Carriers (FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.) sometimes prematurely mark the package as delivered when it’s still in transit.

Order issues for packages presumed to be lost by the carrier (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

Can I return a figure?

All sales are final for Figures. It may be returned for an exchange if defective but if a replacement is not available, a gift certificate will be issued in its place. This same policy can apply to other products based on the publisher, make certain you read product descriptions thoroughly.

I'm missing a slipcover or my slipcover is damaged!

Slipcovers are not guaranteed on all items even if the item is pictured with one on the website. Publishers change specifications on items and Right Stuf Anime cannot be responsible for typographical or pricing errors and/or any inaccuracies in product descriptions, imagery and specifications provided to us by publishers.

Since we cannot guaranteed that we'll have more slipcovers for items, a damaged slipcover doesn't make the item defective and replacements will not be issued.

How long does it take to get my refund?

It can take around 5-7 business days for a refund to be processed through as every return has to go through our Returns department. Once done, you will receive a confirmation.

Additional Info:

While we understand that returns will happen if you have more than a 3% return rate in a rolling calendar year, your account will come under system review and may result in your purchasing privileges being revoked. If you have additional questions, please review our Terms of Use.

*Please keep in mind that if you check out using PayPal, we are unable to refund returned orders or items after 1 year from the time the order was originally placed. If a return occurs for a PayPal order after this time, you will instead receive a gift certificate for the value of the cancellation.
If you used a credit card and that card is no longer valid or able to accept a refund, you will instead receive a gift certificate for the value of the cancellation.

Request Return Authorization Form